Take Action

How to get involved in this growing trend:

1.  Form a campus group to work on the issue and be in touch with similar groups such as NYSCTFI to learn and share.

2.  Assess your campus’ current tobacco use policy.

3.  Develop a plan of action to change the policy allowing at least one year to prepare the campus and promote a culture of compliance and respect.

4.  Utilize resources on this site to implement the plan.

5.  Once a decision is made, work together to prepare the campus for the policy change.

6.  Implement the tobacco free policy.

7.  Monitor implementation closely and proactively respond to challenges.

8. Participate in bi-monthly state-wide conference calls to share information and receive support throughout the process.

Click here to send your state legislator a letter urging him or her to pass a bill that would make most SUNY campuses tobacco free.

For more information on how students can take action to make their campuses tobacco-free check out this Create Change Tool Kit.