SUNY System Petition and Postcard

In June of 2012 the State University of New York (SUNY) Board of Trustees passed a resolution in support of legislation that would make all SUNY campuses completely tobacco free. There are bills in both the state Senate and Assembly which would require all state-run SUNY colleges and universities to adopt tobacco free campus policies by 2016. SUNY will not be alone. More than 40% of colleges and Universities in New York, including SUNY campuses, have already established a smokefree or tobacco free campus . Four states have already passed tobacco free campus legislation affecting the public colleges. Will the SUNY system be next? It will with your help.

Please fill out the petition below and contact your legislators about the bills (S4853B– sponsored by Senator Hannon/A7277B-Sponsored by Assemblyman Mosley).

You may also want to print and collect petition postcards locally to demonstrate constituent support for the bill.   For more information please see this Memo of Support for the SUNY Bills from one of our partners supporting the effort.  Pass it on!

I strongly support the SUNY Board Resolution and the bills in the NYS Legislature that will make SUNY the largest public university system in the country to implement a tobacco-free campus policy.